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So you're here searching for ways to enlarge your penis. Penisolution is your trusted source of information on the topic of natural male enhancement, as well as a source of the latest information on the most popular products available for men today who want to enhance their sexual performance and penis size. The wanting of a bigger penis is increasingly popular among today's image conscious man. Men now seek that perfect size from being bombarded with images through media. The truth is, most men are unsatisfied about either the size or shape of their penis, this anxiety is compounded when comparing themselves to the stars of the porn world. Having a bigger penis will not only satisfy you psychologically, but will also appeal to your sexual partner too, who probably desires it bigger as much as you!

Just buying any old junk product available will do not work, so our site directs you some of the best out there. Some products are proven to give better results, and some are just plain old junk which just don't work at all! And with dozens of different products to choose from, how do you start without spending a boatload of money finding the best products that work by trying them all? Well you don't have to! We've tried dozens of products and only the ones you find on this website are the ones we feel are worth your money.

What Products Are Available?

Male Enhancement Pills

Male enhancement pills or supplements mimic the effects of viagra, but they only contain natural ingredients like herbs, so are not classified as a pharmaceutical drug like viagra or cialis, which means no prescription is required to use them or obtain them. It is unadvised to buy viagra like drugs over the internet. These natural supplements contain a blend of various herbs and substances proven to induce sexual stimulation or arousal. These herbs have been used for centuries. There is an advantage these supplements have over viagra that makes them worth trying. Viagra does only one thing, it helps your erection stay hard for long, it is short-live and temporary and wears off after a few hours. A 3 month course of male enhancement supplements, however, can do a lot more. Not only will they help you get bigger firmer erections, but will also improve your libido, sex drive, increase ejaculation volumes, prolong orgasms, and some will help you last longer! Taking supplements will improve your sexual health too like sperm production and libido, which viagra cannot do and will only satisfy your immediate sexual need temporarily. Cost wise, a months supply of a good quality supplement like Prosolution Plus Pills, will be about the same price as half a dozen viagra.

Volume Pills

Volume pills also known as cum pills or orgasm pills, are a specialized type of male enhancement supplements formulated specifically to boost sperm production. Bigger ejaculations helps intensify the orgasm and makes it longer lasting. One such pill called Semenax is a popular volume pill. We recommend Semenax™ if you want to intensify your sexual pleasure and orgasms.

Best Penis Pills

Penis Extenders

Are there really any ways to a bigger penis without going under the knife? A penis extender is a non-surgical non-invasive way to get a bigger penis. Results can vary, but some say you can increase by 2 or 3 inches. The only thing that matters is that the product works to some degree. On a Televised documentary of a popular penis extender called Size Genetics, it was found that it grew the penis by half inch in only 2 weeks! Size Genetics claims you have to wear the extender for 3 months or more if you want to grow 2 inches or more. This device has also appeared in popular men's lifestyle mags such as GQ. Starting at only a few hundred dollars, a fraction of the price of surgery it appears you can have a bigger penis saving you thousands and a lot of agony.

Best Penis Extenders

Penis Creams

Penis creams contain the same herbs as pills, only that the delivery of the ingredients is different because unlike pills you don't have to swallow and digest for the ingredients to enter the bloodstream. Creams are a non-digestible method of benefitting from the same herbs and ingredients. The mode of delivery is called transdermal, meaning the ingredients enter the bloodstream from being absorbed through the skin. The great thing about creams are that in addition to benefitting from the potent stimulating herbs for increased arousal and bigger firmer erections, is that they can also be used to reduce friction in penetration especially if your partner is usually 'dry', hence as a lubrication aid. A cream such as Instant Performer will give you a big hard boner as much as a pill, even faster than pills. As the ingredients enter the bloodstream you will feel a rush of blood into the penis as the vasodilating herbs do their job causing instant rock hard solid erections fast, even faster than from taking pills! This penis cream will help enhance your rigidity and size, it's easy to apply, and fast acting.

Best Penis Creams

Penis Pumps

Another method of natural penis enlargement involves using a penis pump. With regular use over an extended time period the penis pump will increase your penis size naturally. Some men have reported that using a penis pump for 20 minutes every day will increase your penis size. If a penis pump sounds like your kind of thing, we recommend the Bathmate, by far the best, because it is waterproof and can be used in the shower or bath. It has been designed to be usable with both water or air, and also adopts a one handed pump action which makes it easier to use than pumps which require both hands. Regular use of a penis pump will slowly expand and stretch out your penis muscles allowing it to hold an increased volume of blood during arousal.

Penis Exercises

There are also various exercises some men try called Jelqing, some men have reported have grown their penis size naturally. Jelqing is natural stretching exercises, involving exercising or 'milking' the penis every day for 3 months or more. This can also increase your penis size without surgery. Results from jelqing usually takes a few weeks at least, but you will definitely notice a bigger penis even after a couple weeks.

Featured Product

pill of the month

Not all male enhancement products are designed equal! This product has stood the test of time. Whereas products of inferior quality go out of business all too quickly, it's no surprise with no repeat customers. Prosolution Plus on the other hand have been trading since almost the dawn of the Internet. Having upgraded their product during this time, they are still in business selling their ever popular Prosolution Plus formula.

Use to enhance your libido, semen volume, sex drive, and ejaculations, but the carved out niche of these selected supplements are their specially crafted formula designed to help men last longer. Prosolution Plus contains the ingredients to help you achieve this. Prosolution Plus is an effective formula that helps men achieve the stamina and performance they desire in the bedroom. The upgraded version with the addition of 'plus' to the name, to show it is the newly enhanced and improved formula, is clinically proven to help men last longer, and solves the anxiety of premature ejaculation. Men who ejaculate too soon can never enjoy a fulfilling and satisfactory sex life, and is the burden to many a man's sex life! With the help of Prosolution Plus, combining the finest and most puissant of natural herbs in a specially blended formula for a completely effective and natural solution to premature ejaculation. The ingredients in sync work together harmoniously, having been blended to give the best results possible. Discover the benefits of Prosolution Plus for the confidence it will bring, in helping you achieve long lasting orgasmic sex she won't ever forget!

If you think you ejaculate too soon do not worry, millions of men think they ejaculate too soon but they are perfectly normal. Most men will last between 3 to 6 minutes, which is considered normal time to ejaculate. There are however, millions of men just like you who wish they could last long enough to give her a good hard spit-roasting like in a porno. Now say goodbye to your performance anxiety with this enhanced, and upgraded formula found in the bestseller product called Prosolution Plus™. The team at Prosolution have formulated a natural solution to address the very problem of premature ejaculation which affects so many men. And with extensive clinical trials to back up their claims shows this a very effective product which can help men last longer and have more satisfying sex. With this supplement you can increase your duration of penetration from a normal 4 or 5 minutes, to a much more intensifying 10, 15, even 20 minutes!

Premature ejaculation is no doubt the number one male sexual frustration, affecting millions of men. The next is problems maintaining solid erection. After this and less noticed is that of diminished libido and decreased sex drive. Prosolution Plus will help alleviate all three of these common problems. All men wish they could last longer, and have a bigger penis, not only to sustain longer pleasure, but to also last long enough and be big enough to give her a good hard spit-roasting like never before! Most men ejaculate way too soon before the woman even begins working up the climax, leading to less satisfying sex for both. If you want to last long enough to give her the good hard spit-roasting then we recommend you try Prosolution Plus™, an all-round sexual enhancement supplement that will help improve your sex life.

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