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What Is Benzocaine?

You might be wondering what benzocaine is and why it's used in Vigrx Delay Spray. Well benzocaine belongs to the class of local anaesthetics, a class of substances used to dull nerve sensations in order to suppress pain. A local anaesthetic such as benzocaine will cause a numbing sensation and all loss of sensation, including pain.

Benzocaine is a common active substance used in a variety of over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, for example, you can find it in ear drops to relieve ear pain, you can find it in oral gels to relieve mouth ulcers, in lozenges to treat sore throats, and also in drops to treat toothaches.

Benzocaine is non-toxic, which makes it ideal for use in Vig Rx Delay Spray, although for a very small number of people, less than (<1%), an allergic reaction might cause itchiness of skin after application. Benzocaine has also been used in condoms designed to prevent premature ejaculation, applied along the inner side of the condom so as with spray form, is applied transdermally to the penis, or directly to the skin.

The main effect of benzocaine after using Vig Rx Spray, will be a numbing sensation of the penis which will suppress sensations and so help you last longer. The only drawback is a loss of sensation or 'pleasure', but loss of sensation must be forgoed if you want to last longer.

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