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Instant Performer is an instant erection gel which also doubles as a lube. It's the perfect foreplay product to provide sensational and silky glide for added pleasure and enjoyment. This product has been designed to render an instant rock hard stiffy. It contains full-bodied all-natural erection stimulating ingredients that when absorbed results in rock-hard throbbing boners.

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Let's admit it, even if you have no trouble getting rock hard boners, when the actual moment comes along when you have to get down and dirty, you find you can't get it up! It happens to all of us when least expected - you're not alone! If your manhood brings you down like this, then by having a tube of Instant Performer at hand, you'll be in the comfort of knowing that you can get an instant rock hard throbbing boner on demand when you please! No more blue-pills and waiting 30 minutes for the effects to kick in...now with this amazing dick lube you'll be up in less than a minute!

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Uses Transdermal Process Technology

Instant Performer erection gel works transdermally, which means the ingredients go to work and bring on the effects much faster than if you took pills because you have to wait for pills to digest and be absorbed. The word transdermal literally means “through skin”, and once you apply this superior gel directly onto your penis the active ingredients, which are powerful erection stimulating enhancers, are absorbed directly through the skin, and the effects start to work almost instantly, which is much more convenient and faster than taking pills. As Lee Henshaw said himself- “It works faster than Viagra!”

“A Tube Of Instant Performer In Your Bedside Draw Will always Come In Handy!”

How Do The Ingredients Works ?

porn star recommended boner cream Instant Performer is a topical gel containing powerful stimulating ingredients that affect the penis, by relaxing penis muscles has the effect of widening blood vessels, called a vasodilating effect, the gel once massaged directly to the area to which the desired effects are wanted, causes a rush of increased blood flow into the penis by both relaxing the penis muscles and widening the blood vessels, so by directly rubbing it into the penis, the active ingredients are absorbed through the skin and the effects will be felt instantaneously to the applied area resulting in a big hard erection. Instant Performer is not an alcohol based gel like other similar products and lubricants, where the alcohol can cause skin to dry and cause itching. No, Instant Performer is much kinder to the skin without the irritation, and will create a much smoother and silkier glide. And because it is non-alcohol based, makes it usable with condoms too!

The active ingredients of Instant Performer are very extra strength and effective for male sexual stimulation, absorbed through the skin as a gel directly into the penis. The extra strength ingredients like punica granatum, panax ginseng, l-arginine, horny goat weed, chinese dodder seed, hawthorn berry, catuaba bark, and gingko biloba are all powerful natural vasodilators, aphrodisiacs, and sexual stimulants, that will relax your penis muscles and widen your blood vessels pumping your penis full of blood causing instant rock hard erections. Instant Performer contains 100% natural ingredients! With the addition of Vitamin C for more efficient nutrient uptake, and Aloe Vera which helps soothe and condition the penis skin, Instant Performer is the ultimate penis enhancement gel that delivers the results you need and want - instant rock hard throbbing erections.

“go from limp to rock hard raging in seconds!”

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How Does Instant Performer Compare to Other Similar Products?

Instant Performer is the obvious choice for men who want added performance. The price, proprietary ingredients, and cheap shipping make it the best deal you can buy! You benefit from the top quality ingredients and proprietary formula, with the addition of Volufiline that will plump up and make your penis bigger. Bonuses include free membership access to the sponsored porn stars Lee Henshaw's and Lana Cox's websites, so if you're a fan of the porn stars Lee Henshaw And Lana Cox, just buy a 2 month order or more, and you get full access to their personal websites and thereby save $29.95 per month off regular price!

Buy 2 Tubes Or More For Free Access To Sponsors Website

Instant Performer has been endorsed by celebrity porn stars Lee Henshaw and Lana Cox. If you buy more than 2 tubes you will receive free access to their websites which usually cost $29.95 per month for FREE!

Instant Performer Can't Be Beaten On Price. With More Bonuses As Well, Instant Performer Is Simply Best For Value!

Instant PerformerPrice + Shipping*Bonuses
1 Tube$39.44 + $8.22None
3 Tubes$78.95 + $16.42Exclusive Celebrity Website Access, Free Erection Health DVD + Website Access
Volufiline EnhancedYes
Porn Star EndorsedYes
Vigrx OilPrice + Shipping*Bonuses
1 Tube$49.95 + $29.99None
3 Tubes$109.85 + $29.99None
Volufiline EnhancedNo
Porn Star EndorsedNo
Prosolution GelPrice + Shipping*Bonuses
1 Tube$49.95 + $29.99None
3 Tubes$129.95 + $29.99$25 Natural Health Source Gift Card,Free Erection System Website Access
Volufiline EnhancedNo
Porn Star EndorsedNo

*prices correct at time of print + shipping charges may vary depending on country

“Instant Performer is the only product of this kind that contains Volufiline, commonly used in cosmetic products like lip plumpers, Volufiline stimulates production of adicopyte fat cells on the underside of the skin and so naturally plumps up your penis”

What Is Volufiline?

Instant Performer is the only erection product on the market that contains Volufiline, which stimulates production of adipocyte fat cells beneath the skins layer, so after several applications and regular use you will notice a fatter plumper penis!

“Experience The Biggest Rock Hardest Erection You've Ever Experienced!”

Among the benefits of Instant Performer are:

  • Rock hard stiffies in seconds
  • Increases your sex drive, stamina and performance
  • Edible and safe for oral use
  • Lubrication for extra glide and sensation
  • Condom compatible non-alcohol based lube
  • Endorsed by international porn stars (e.g Lee Henshaw)
  • Lasts upto 2 hours per application
  • Works faster than any oral pill for similar effects

Used By Porn Stars Lee Henshaw and Lana Cox

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“I've seen so many men end up with problems with long term Viagra use, so I tend to avoid that road. What I love about Instant Performer is that it works even faster, and works every time! I don't have to put my health at risk, when I can get the results I need with Instant Performer. If you want a rockhard throbbing lovestick fast, then I highly recommend this product!”
- Lee Henshaw

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“I love Instant Performer because it helps ease my periodic bouts of dryness. This is by far my favourite product because of the extra-sensory glide it gives. I get orgasmic delectation from wetness, and the wetter it is, the more easily penetrable, and that's why I love Instant Performer for that extra wetness and glide. Lube me up baby, and let me sit on your big fat cock!”
- Lana CoXXX

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“For A Harder More Sensory Enjoyment - Instant Performer Erection Gel Works Fast And Hard!”

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Instant Performer Best Deal

  • free membership to the personal websites of the sponsored Porn Stars Lee Henshaw and Lana Cox
  • free online access to the Erection Health website - a recommended penis exercise site
  • free Erection Health DVD to watch on your PC or TV
  • free 180 days 100% money back guarantee
* this promotion can be ended at any time so be quick. promotion valid at time of writing.

Just order 2 months/tubes or more to take advantage of these fantastic free bonuses worth over $129.90 absolutely free!