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Simple Jelqing Technique

What you need before you start

  • A steaming hot handtowel
  • Some lubrication or penis oil
  • 10-20 minutes of your time

Here are some simple jelqing techniques you can apply which will help grow your penis. By consistently applying these techniques on a regular basis, soon after you will notice your dick becomes longer and thicker.

The best thing about jelqing is that it's cheap and free, and easy to do! It is the cheapest method of penis enlargement because all you need to buy is some penis oil, but even that is not necessary. The only drawback of it being free is that it takes a long time to see some improvement in size, so some dedication on your part is required if you want results. To get an idea of the timeframe, 20 minutes of jelqing at 4 times a week for at least a month to see significant improvement in size.

Safety - Remember Slow And Gently!

Be careful when you start off jelqing because the first time you do it it is easy to be over-enthusiastic, overdoing it for too long, and then feeling the soreness the day after. Overdoing it can leave your penis swollen and sore - remember this! Jelq for only 10 to 20 minutes per session - it is not necessary to do it for longer. Most of the instructional guides recommends you start off just doing a few strokes each day, say 50 or so, then gradually increasing the number of jelqs up to 200 per session.

Jelqing appears relatively harmless when you read about it or start doing it, but there is a risk that injury may manifest, such will be sorely felt the following day if not done correctly. The main risk is squeezing too hard while the penis is hard. This could potentially damage some of the smaller blood vessels. So you need to follow the instructions carefully in order to avoid a sore penis or injury. Applying pressure like this on the veins of the penis while fully hard for too long can cause injury. Jelqing is properly done while the penis is between 50%-70% erect only. The disciplined way to jelq to do it correctly, and the most effective way to get the best results, if you want a bigger penis is to undergo a proven course like that offered by Erection Fitness, who will help show you how you can grow a bigger penis naturally by utilizing their exercise techniques.

Warm Up

To start the session, rinse the water out of your hot towel and wrap around your penis in order to relax the muscles and soften the penis. Keep it wrapped for a couple minutes. By now your penis should be relaxed and soft. Next you need some lube, some good penis oil like Vigrx Oil, which has herbs that can help circulate blood flow, or if you want to be really cheap and messy just plain old dirty olive oil will do the job!

The objective is not to ejaculate while jelqing, but while doing it it's easy to end up masturbating, some people cannot control themselves. As jelqing is only one way strokes upwards it shouldn't lead to ejaculation although by milking could precipitate precum. Jelqing past the shaft onto the head of the penis onto the sensitive part, may cause you to end up ejaculating. Jelqing does not require going past the head of the penis and stops just before. As the jelqs are only one directional up the shaft of the penis and does not involve stimulating the head, proper jelqs should not usually cause discharge.

After relaxing the penis and lubing up you're ready to go!

The Circular Stretch

While the penis is half erect and still flexible, grab just under the head of your penis using an OK sign with your thumb and index finger, then gently stretch your penis outwards in circular motions. Tug to your left, tug to your right, do circular motions. This gently stretches the penis muscles.

Basic Milking Technique

Now for the milking action. While the penis is between half to three-quarters erect, you will start to apply the one directional strokes from the base of the penis upto the head. Using an OK sign with your thumb and index finger of one hand grab the base of the penis and slowly squeeze your hand up the shaft of the penis and stop just before you hit the head, taking care not to squeeze too forcefully. As you approach the head, use your other hand to begin the same action starting from the base just as you release the other hand. Repeat this action with both hands alternating while applying gentle pressure working up from the base to the head alternating with each hand. Apply between 50 to 100 strokes, with each lasting about 5-10 seconds.

Alternative method

This one involves the use of a cockring. Strap the cockring around the base of the penis to keep it in its erect state. As in the method above, alternate hands applying milking strokes up the penis. See how easy it is! Very simple to do! Do this for about 10 or 20 minutes, 4 times a week, for 3 months and see how bigger your penis becomes!

Jelqing Tips

  1. Always do the warm up with the hot towel to relax the penis both before starting and after you finish as a warm down.
  2. Try not to be too forceful with your grip and apply the jelqs gently but firmly, it is not necessary to squeeze too hard.
  3. Do not overdo it, about 15 minutes or 100 jelqs per session is plenty enough
  4. Try to be consistent with no long periods of abstinence. 3-4 days a week and consistently for several months! If you have longer breaks it will not work.
  5. Always use a lube. Using a topical male enhancement oil will have additional benefits to ordinary oil such as improving circulatory flow. For example, extra strength herbs will get your blood flowing and stimulate the sexual organ for an enhanced effect.
  6. Listen to your penis. If it feels sore next day, wait until its normal again before commencing jelqing again.

It is essential you use some form of lubricant whilst jelqing. This will help reduce friction and also make it easier. We recommend you buy a tube of some good penis oil before commencing jelqing. Not only will this provide lubrication but will also help circulatory flow and firm up your penis more. Buy vigrx oil to use while jelqing.

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