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“Malextra is simply put a no quibble all you need enhancement product to equip you with the prerequisite requirements to give women a truly unforgettable night in the bedroom” - Give her mind blowing body shaking orgasms again and again!


Malextra™ is the ultimate all-you-need 100% natural herbal male enhancement supplement, to bestow you with the spunk you need to enhance your performance and grow your penis.

“Malextra Is Undoubtedly The Best Natural Alternative to Viagra!”

Among the benefits of Male Extra™ are the following:

  • Increases your cock size between 1 - 3"!
  • Rock Hard Throbbing Erections!
  • Longer Lasting Sex!
  • Last All Night And Give Her Multiple Orgasms!
  • More Intense Orgasms And Climax!
  • Longer Penetration With Added Size!
  • Bigger And More Powerful Ejaculations!
  • Vast Improvement in Sexual Performance!
  • Turbocharge Your Sex Drive, Libido, and Bedroom Prowess!

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3 Months/Boxes
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Malextra$198.951 box free - 4 boxes for 3
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Vigrx Plus$205.99No bonuses with 3 months order$68.66$19.99$29.99
Prosolution$188.95Erection System cock exercises website online access$62.98$19.99$29.99
6 Months/Boxes
BrandTotalBonusesPrice Per BoxShipping StandardShipping Tracked
Malextra$238.95buy 4 months get 3 boxes free for total 7 months
Penis Health exercises website access and DVD
Lovecentria better lovemaking guide DVD
(7 boxes for 4)
Vigrx Plus$384.99free bottle Semenax
free bottle Nexus Pheromones
Erection Fitness Website Access
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Prosolution$268.95free tube Prosolution Gel
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All prices in $USD.
Prices were correct at time of print. Prices may change.
Shipping costs vary depending on country of residence. The shipping costs shown are standard International orders.

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How Long Do I Take The Pills For?

You will notice vast improvement in performance and a fatter cock after only 1 week! If you want to enhance your cock size more permanently it is paramount to take Maleextra continuously. Malextra recommends at least 6 months, ideally 12 months of continuous use if you seek to aim for humongous gains to your loveshaft size!

“Malextra will enable you to give her carnal majestic pleasure all night long”

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“Gone are the days of being a 2 minute man. With your help and support I can now last 5 times longer not to mention my cock size has increased by a whopping 1.9 inches! I no longer worry about coming too soon, and my partner now enjoys longer pleasure times.”

Carlos, Cook, NM
“Me and my partner enjoy longer, harder, more intensified climaxes now, with the help of Maleextra, and fornication is just...what can I say...It's awesome. I trained myself to last 15 minutes at least with your excellent secret exercises, and my erect cock size has increased by a respectable 1.5 inches! It's truly amazing.”

Jon Paul, Fitness Coach, CA
“Malextra has whet my lustful appetite and boosted my sexual apogee to new levels. Along with the PenisHealth training exercises and support I have trained myself to enjoy harder, longer lasting woodies. It also increased my dick size an extra 2", after 8 months, which my partner truly loves. Thank you Malextra.”

Richard, Self Employed, Dallas
you wont be disappointed with Malextra

“Malextra have got their formula spot on, and there's no other pill with the same formula. It works like magic!

The concoction of ingredients in Maleextra have been specially formulated and selected based on their known ability to deliver the optimum performance when it comes to enhancing and enlarging the male organ. These natural herbs and nutrients have beneficial effects for men who have low libido or copulation drive, or who have erectile dysfunction and wish to stay walloping big and harder for longer. Longer term use of the pills in combination with our exercises is proven to boost your dick proportion permanently.

IngredientAmount Per Serving*
Pomegranate 70% Ellagic Acid500mg
Muira Pauma150mg
Methyl Sufonyl Methane100mg
Tongkat Ali 20:150mg
Horny Goat Weed50mg
Flaxseed [linolenic,linoleic,oleic] fatty acids50mg
Omega 3 Fatty Acid25mg

The unique proprietary ingredient of Malextra™ is Pomegranate Ellagic Acid, a natural substance proven to stimulate blood flow to the penis, and will help sustain huge, harder, erections for longer. Because the root cause of erectile dysfunction is a sluggish supply of blood to the penis, you will notice vast improvement in erectile hardness and erect size from using this supplement. The pills are jam-packed with beneficial ingredients all natural that boost libido, like cordyceps and horny goat weed, and what will enhance testosterone production to engage robust sex drive, like tongkat ali, maca for energy, and muira puama; msm and methionine is used to help promote new cell growth in penis quicker to aid renewing vigorous new tissue as your penis grows bigger, flaxseed and omega 3 for sperm production and vitality. These ingredients have been and still are used in sex tonics by exotic tribes in the deepest dense habitats of South America and South East Asia and have been used to enhance manliness and boost male fertility. Furthermore, these ingredients have been tested in western laboratories who have isolated the main active compounds from these natural sources, that cause the effects, so are scientifically backed and have been tested in clinical trials with impressive results and improvements on male sexual functioning and performance.

The ingredients have been carefully selected and blended to add a combination to deliver the balance of nutrients that will enable optimum procreative performance and enhancement of your loveschlong.

The physiological effects of the extra strength herbal ingredients include: aiding vasodilation allowing blood vessels to widen more which allows increased blood flow to the penis during erection; relaxing of penis muscles which further helps circulation; administers you with cardinal nutrients for your adrenal glands to produce optimum sperm volume; amasses your testosterone levels which will increase your libido and sex drive.

* based on 1500mg daily serving of 3 x 500mg capsules

Place of Manufacture: USA

Licensee: Marlia Business, S.A, De La Torre Capital Plaza, Panama

Directions for Use: 3 capsules to be taken daily with a main meal

Other Information: Intended for persons over 18 years of age. Best avoided if you suffer from angina or other heart related diseases/problems, kidney disease/problems, diabetes, or high blood pressure. Not advisable to take with other medications.

Malextra™ pills are guaranteed manufactured from the freshest quality naturally sourced ingredients proven to enhance your penile performance.

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