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Maxoderm is a topical male enhancement cream that has featured in popular mainstream mens magazines of the likes of Playboy™ and Maxim™ so we thought it would be worth a look although we haven't tried it yet ourselves.

The manufacturers claim this product can improve erection quality and firmness like other similar products of this category, this is generally what you would expect. The fact that the website states that there is a patent pending for this formula says a lot, as why bother going to the trouble to patent your product if it wasn't good?

A quick glance at the ingredients list and you can see some purportedly very good ingredients used that should be very effective, of course, it would all depend on the quality and quantity of the ingredients contained within, but if spot on, then this product should deliver the goods. Let's have a quick glance over. L-arginine is a very good vasodilator to get the blood pumping into the penis as the vessels will expand. Panax ginseng can strengthen blood vessels and also help with blood circulation. Muira Puama is a very potent and powerful sexual stimulant extracted from the bark of a south american tree, it is the local viagra of the jungle people. Saw Palmetto is good for the prostate, a vital organ involved in the production of semen. Catuaba, another very powerful vasodilating stimulant from a south american tree. Zinc is good for semen production. Plus numerous filler ingredients including skin care.


The manufacturers suggest a 12 week course using the product with between 4 to 6 applications per week. They claim results are immediate, but after 4 weeks is when you really start seeing results! For best results use for 12 weeks. You can try a 1 bottle or 1 month supply which currently at time of writing retails for $59.95, to test the waters. If you want to get stuck in straight away, you'll need a 3 month supply to start with, and that'll work out to only $51.64 per bottle.

A topical cream like Maxoderm usually contains the same ingredients as herbal pills, but without the need to swallow and digest as with pills, it is said the ingredients go to work faster, plus more is got out per gram of ingredients because by taking pills, most of the active ingredient is dissolved and digested by the stomach so you don't get the full benefits from it. You can overcome this by using creams. This cream is directly massaged into penis for much faster effects than taking oral pills.

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