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Semenax™ is a leading semen enhancer pill, also called cum pills or volume pills. Semenax has been designed with the aim of reviving the sluggish libido often associated with low sperm production. The decreased desire for sex, loss of sexual appetite and the resulting unsatisfactory performance and lacklustre orgasms that just don't hit the mark, boils down to low sperm production. By increasing your sperm production, you will experience more impressive, longer lasting, and explosive orgasms, as well as having the drive and desire to have sex multiple times every day. The Semenax formula contains potent natural herbs and foods that can provide you with a rich source of vital natural amino acids and minerals in order to deliver all the essential nutrients required to boost your sperm production to full capacity!

“Low Sperm Volume Is The Reason For Dull Orgasms!”

There are many contributing factors that can affect your sperm production steathily decreasing your fertility just from normal everyday activities. Some of these culprits damaging your sperm production and affecting your fertility include: smoking, alcohol, and drugs are obvious reasons when used excessively each day, and none of these are of any benefit to neither your sexual or general health. Drinking lots of caffeine like strong coffee, or more than 5 cans of coca cola every day may also affect your sperm reproduction. Exposure to superficial heat sources like tanning, sunbeds, saunas, and hot baths even! Regular knocking from say cycling. Even exposure to radio magnetic waves like those given off by your mobile phone, when placed in your pockets. There are many stealthy ways that can affect your sperm production. The foremost factor, however, affecting sperm production is ultimately your diet and what you put in your body! Now a diet high in Zinc is considered good for sperm health.

“Everyday Activities Contribute To Poor Sperm Health And Infertility! Semenax Will Fix This!”

The most important factor for a rich and salubrious sperm production, is a balanced healthy nutrient intake high in zinc and other essential nutrients. A deficiency will lead to low sperm production and empty sagging testicle sacks. Zinc is found in high concentrations especially in the main sexual organs - the prostate, and adrenal glands, which play a pivotal role in sperm production. By nourishing your body with the qualified nutrients like the ones Semenax will provide, will ensure you produce more sperm. Have you ever noticed that sometimes your testicles are fuller and other times less so. And the times it is fuller coincides with more eagerness for sexual release? Semenax will ensure your balls are always filled up to maximum capacity making you feel horny as ever!

buy semenax

How Will Increased Sperm Production Benefit Me?

Diminished volumes of sperm is actually the root cause of many sexual problems. Having a low sperm production, also means increased risk of infertility, and is also associated with reduced libido. Without libido, this leads to problems like erectile dysfunction. So common sexual ailments like low libido, and erectile dysfunction, can actually be traced to having low sperm production. Improve your sex life, satisfaction, and performance by using Semenax to increase your sperm volumes!

The crucial minerals for salubrious sperm production include zinc, which is a primary mineral required for sexual organs to function optimally; B and C vitamins, and essential amino acids. These kinds of nutrients you can derive from a diet rich in dark green vegetables, fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, olive and nut oils, sea molluscs, grains, and other foods containing high concentrations of these essential minerals. Oysters are a perfect example, which is a mollusc, high in zinc, and will bolster your sperm volume by more than 600%! You can however, choose to take Semenax daily which will provide you the same results, if you're not up for scoffing a pound of oysters each day! Without changing your diet, Semenax has been specially formulated to deliver all the cardinal nutrients and minerals you need for increased sperm production. The nutrient concentrations present in the herbal compounds found in Semenax are also more powerful than the lower concentrations of these minerals obtained from everyday foods, so you can be sure Semenax will work even better!

“Semenax Provides Essential Natural Nutrients For Sperm Volumes To Increase upto 5x”

After taking Semenax you'll be able to ejaculate upto 3-5 times more spunky white explosions, and with an increased length of ejaculation time results in longer more intense orgasms. Semenax will make sure you have the best climax ever! By taking Semenax™ you'll be able to unload longer ejaculations and experience longer climaxes.

“For Long-Lasting Intense Orgasms Use Semenax”

Among the benefits of Semenax™ are the following:

  • Heightened Stamina
  • Bigger Ejaculations
  • Longer Lasting Orgasms
  • Healthy Sperm
  • Increased Fertility
  • Unload 3-5 times your usual Volume of Cum

    “Experience Explosive Orgasmic Pleasure With Semenax”

“After taking this for a few weeks my ejaculations were gushing out for what seemed like forever! The build up to the climax is much more intense, and when I do finally release, the orgasm is so much more stronger and pleasurable now than before.”

Paul, WA
“Before Semenax, let's say my balls were like little grapes, but now they're like small plums! I have experienced an increased need to unload my volume more frequently, upto six times a day each a decent mouthful size, and has definitely affected my desire to engage in sex more frequently without a doubt!!”

Jerry, NJ

“Semenax Will Provide The Volume For Explosive Intense Orgasms!”

A low ejaculation volume will mean much more than just having a low sperm count. Low sperm production will put you at greater risk of becoming infertile. It will mean less pleasure will be got from the ejaculation and climax. A low level of sperm production will decrease your desire to have sex, so decreases your libido. The build up to the climax will be less fulfilling with a low ejaculation volume. Having large ejaculation volumes on the other hand, leads to much more intense, more fulfilling, more indulgent climaxes, along with the increased desire to have more sex, and is a sign of having stout sexual functions. You probably already know this, as cumming multiple times in close proximity to each other before you give time for your sperm to replenish results in smaller duller ejaculations each time. After taking Semenax, you will be able to squirt a decent mouthful size each time multiple times a night!

Take Semenax to equip your body with the crucial minerals and nutrients to maintain robust sperm count and production. The positive effects you gain are the positive improvements to your sex life allowing you to enjoy a more satisfactory, fulfilling experience.

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Useful Sperm Facts

Sperm contains the following minerals: ascorbic acid (vitamin C), calcium, chlorine, cholesterol, choline, citric acid, creatine, fructose, glutathione, hyaluronidase, inositol, lactic acid, magnesium, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, purine, pyrimidine, pyruvic acid, sodium, sorbitol, vitamin B12, and zinc. And one tablespoon supplies as much protein as one egg white.

Unhealthful looking semen could be a sign of infection or afflict to your seminal or prostate glands. If it is extremely lumpy and thicker than usual is considered abnormal if it does not return to its normal consistency. Sometimes semen usually has a yellow tint, but if very yellow or greenish could be sign of infection. Reddish or brownish streaks could be due to burst small blood capillaries and should disappear after a few days. In the case of foul smelling yellow green semen, it definitely is an std infection.

Even if you have fertile sperm, the chances of conceiving of any couple are about 20% in a month. Even the likelihood of impregnation after unprotected sex remains at 30% during ovulation.

To check for fertility, the sperm should come out jelly like, and after 5-15 minutes will liquefy and become runny. This is normal.