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Ultimate Stretcher™ is one of the most affordable pecker extender device available at about $100 a pop, is ideal for someone who wants to test a traction device as their chosen method of penis enlargment. Ultimate Stretcher is made by a British company and claims it can offer the same medically certified assurance of safety that other similar devices on the market offer, and possesses the Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, so you can be assured the product conforms to both safety and efficacy for your peace of mind. There are no other devices on the market bar the Vimax Extender that can be had at such an affordable price, and if you want to pick up a penile extender device for a fraction of the price of similar products, then the Ultimate Stretcher is for the budget shopper!

“All the same Benefits of Higher Priced Devices on the Market for a Fraction of the Price!”

How Does It Work?

This traction device looks and feels just like any other, and wearing it on your penis will apply a gentle traction-like force gently stretching your dick at a steady and constant rate over a long period of time causing new tissue growth increasing your penis size volue. The application of traction technology is used in the medical circles, and this specific device has been mechanically designed to fit around your penis for the purpose of increasing your dick size by using traction.

It has been designed to fit snugly around your penis, and because it has passed tests for safety and efficacy, using a device like the Ultimate Stretcher you are in the comfort of knowing that you can extend your schlong safely and effectively. Just follow the instructions, and after a few months you will have the penis you always desired along with the increased confidence of having a bigger size. Using a traction device results in permanent penis elongation, so you can always enjoy your new bigger prick.

“Now You Can Enjoy All The Benefits Of Having A Bigger Penis!”

What's Included With Ultimate Stretcher?

If you're looking for a distinct traction device that has passed strict safety tests, but also a cheap one, then the Ultimate Stretcher is the lowest-priced you will find on the web, there is no point looking for another cheaper one if price is what you want. A combination of some pills, and the extender will be all you will ever need to increment your penis size to the size you or your lover desires.

ultimate stretcher

How Does Ultimate Stretcher Compare In Price To Similar Products?

If your current flaccid (non erect) penis is less than 4 inches, then the Ultimate Stretcher is the bargain-basement available device to buy on the market. If your current flaccid penis is more than 4 inches which is only a trifling proportion of men, then the Ultimate Stretcher will be the second bargain-basement device on the market. More than likely this will be your best value option for a penis extender device. With the complete package including the device, exercises, and pills, the Ultimate Stretcher price includes 2 boxes of pills, whereas others only offer 1 box. Some devices can cost upto twice as much as Ultimate Stretcher, even three or four times as much! Here is a table of Ultimate Stretcher's leading competitors in terms of price comparison.

Comparison Of Ultimate Stretcher With Other Leading Extenders
BrandDevice Only*Complete Package*Includes Exercises DVD + Website Membership?Includes Box Pills?Medically tested and certified?
Ultimate Stretcher $170.50 $309.40 Yes Yes+ Yes
Euro Extender† $169.85 $269.85 Yes Yes Yes
Maleedge $208.00 $248.00 No No Not Yet
Size Genetics $221.00 $410.90 Yes No Yes

*prices in $USD and includes registered shipping to USA

+ complete package includes 2 boxes of powerful penis pills

Use of an extender is the best way to step-up your pecker size permanently without penis surgery. Using an extender such as the Ultimate Stretcher over several months will stretch and widen your pecker length. For ultimate growth and enhancement why not combine some pills with it?

Grow Your Size With Ultimate Stretcher!

Ultimate Stretcher

Other Penis Extenders To Consider

BrandCheapest Price
This is another budget extender to consider
Vimax Extender$99.95
This one is slightly more expensive but better quality and more positive reviews
Size Genetics$199.95