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Vigrx™ Oil is a powerful and handy lubrication and woody augmentation and strengthening oil that works right to the core delivering the performance you want, when you need it most. Its powerful stimulating ingredients penetrate to all the right places, into your love shaft, to stimulate the male sexual organ into overdrive, and results in bigger, harder, throbbing, longer-lasting powerful boners. Vigrx™ Oil is a topical Viagra, without the need to swallow and digest a pill, you can achieve the biggest rock hard throbbing boner you've ever seen.

“Biggest Hardest Erection You'll Ever Experience!”

Vigrx™ Oil was formulated for men to help them enjoy more satisfying intercourse and to help them achieve the performance they desire. This slippery tantalizing love oil delivers a blend of botanical ingredients that will engorge the buzz stick with more blood making it harder, as it fills up with larger volumes of blood, and improves circulation for longer-lasting hardness, and works within seconds!

“Let Her Experience New Depths Of Pleasure”

If your erections usually only last a few minutes, then this solution of topical oil that is Vigrx™ Oil, will ensure you no longer have to worry about limp stiffies, dick size, and short performance. The transdermal lotion will deliver to your vital organ powerful known ingredients that will stimulate your manhood for firmer, harder, longer lasting rigid poles so you will never again leave her disappointed. Apply a few drops and massage into your anaconda before intercourse, and be the red hot performer she so desires!

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“With a tube of Vigrx Oil in your bedside draw, never again will a woman be left disappointed with your performance.”

Use VigRX™ Oil for:

  • Harder Longer Lasting Erections
  • Increased Sexual Stamina
  • Use In Your Foreplay
  • For Added Lubrication
  • Instant Erections In Seconds
  • A Safe Clinically Approved Product Proven To Work
  • Strengthen Penis Cells And Muscles
  • Intenser Orgasms
  • Increased Circulation And Enhanced Sexual Energy
  • Soften And Moisturize Skin Of Penis

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Who Uses It?

Men whose stiffies have become limper, wee, and short lived will benefit from using Vigrx Oil, but all men will benefit from using Vigrx Oil, for bigger, harder, longer lasting stiffies on every application. Vigrx Oil is great to use on its own and fun to use while you let your lover massage this slippery tantalizing love oil into your schlong for increased arousal and gagging bone daddies! A lot of men taking pills will also buy a tube of oil or cream for extra performance and foreplay incorporation. Vigrx Oil is your perfect accompaniment to your sexual enjoyment! Experienced increased aroused state, throbbing boners, increased glide, more sensation, and extra pleasure with Vigrx Oil!

Is It Safe?

Vigrx Oil is made from all natural non-toxic ingredients, and contains nothing artificial. It contains no petrochemical byproducts and is safe to use. No side effects have been reported, and it has passed the Acute Dermal Toxicity Test Guideline 402 of O.E.C.D, in Lab Tests, which means it does not irritate the skin, is non-toxic, and does not cause infections, rash or itch. Using an oil or lube as a means to achieve boners is the safest way there is.

Is It Okay To Use With Condoms?

Yes! It is 100% compatible with condoms. It is also safe to use for oral sex with or without a condom. It contains no synthetic or petrochemical byproducts or artificial substitutes, it is all natural and safe.