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What size cock to give women great sex?

The answer to the question of size, will produce mixed responses. Some women will prefer big, some smaller, some much bigger. A 7/7 estimate is a good start for comparison, as it's a good average measurement for both size and duration. It means 7 inches/7 minutes which are both slightly above the average size and duration of the average man. Because it is an average, about half of all men will be less, and half more, so if you do not qualify for 7/7 you are more than below average.

The 7/7 is a measure you can use to compare your penile prowess and ability to make her climax. If you're less than 7" or you can't last 7 minutes, or both, then it is likely you are not giving her the best sex that she can get. This may result in her leaving you if she has the opportunity to experience better. If you small, then you should consider enlarging your penis with the VIGRX. Use for 3 months and you should grow an inch at the minimum. If you're only 5 or 6 inches, you growing to 7 will make a big difference to your sexual satisfaction. But what good is a big cock if you can't last long enough to give her great orgasmic sex? If you can't last 7 minutes or more, then your sex life must be quite disappointing. Solutions for Premature Ejaculation range from dumbing/anaesthetic sprays, psychotherapy, exercise techniques, prescription, or the easiest solution by far is of course a course of Prosolution Plus, a breakthrough product for men who can't last long enough. These herbal supplements will help you last upton 25-30 minutes! So back to size and performance, performance is just as important as size. You really need both, and having just one of the attributes is not enough.

If you do not measure up, however, do not be dismayed. Size alone is not necessary to give good sex, as women derive most pleasure from foreplay. In fact, foreplay, will probably take a center role over intercouse, as you can make it last longer, as demonstrated by lesbians who can perpetually satisfy each other to orgasm without the need for a man. However it is always the ultimate climax will end with either a big fat cock, or, in the case of lesbians, a big fat dildo.

Even if you do not qualify for 7/7, it's unlikely your girlfriend is complaining, but that's probably because she hasn't tried any better. Once she knows, it's likely she'll no longer be content with say, your 6/3 or 5/4. This is why most women own large 8 and 9 inch dildos- women want bigger, it is a natural want, women want to feel what a thundering black-mamba feels like, and if they haven't got a real one to play with they will have to make do with their plastic battery powered one.

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