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What Is The Best Method To grow A Bigger Penis?

Before starting penis enlarging you should know the various options available to help you decide which method you want to use. A surgical operation is not recommended, it is expensive and risky. Surgery involves certain risks that can permanently damage your penis for good, making it useless. Only desperate men have surgery and in some exceptional cases men have mutilated their penis in doing so. The risk/reward ratio of pursuing surgery makes it not worthwhile. There is also a high unsatisfaction rate post-surgery among men who opted for this route. The expensive costs and risks of penis enlargement surgery, mean most men would rather choose the nonsurgical natural route, which is safer, and much much cheaper by far, without the added risks. Penis enlargement surgery can cause penis rot and gangrene if not done properly causing your penis to drop off!

There are alternative natural techniques, methods and products that can grow your dick. The methods can differ quite a lot, and the information you will find on this site will help you choose the method which suits you. It can be hard to decide which one would work best without trying each yourself, but trying each method will just end up being more expensive, and is not really practical, so to help you, this site has recommended the best products that have worked consistently for other men.

To start with, you can choose the method based on how the method is applied as this can vary quite a bit, and decide which you prefer. If you choose pills, you have to take them daily for 3-6 months, but does not require much time on your behalf, just swallow the pills easy. If you decide to use a penis extender however, you have to be prepared to wear it 5 hours every day for 6-12 months! Can you really do much while wearing one? Can you go to the gym? Are you prepared to wear it to work? These are questions you have to ask yourself. It's unlikely.

There is also another natural technique to increase the penis size without surgery and that is a series of penis exercises that involve stretching or 'milking' of the penis. The routine is commonly known as Jelqing. All non-surgical techniques that claim can increase your penis size, will involve several months, unlike surgery that only takes a couple weeks accounting for healing time, but the benefit of going natural is that it's much cheaper than surgery by a large margin. Men report seeing some sizeable gains after jelqing for 20 minutes a day for several months.

The Way To Get A Bigger Penis?

In reality, natural enlargement of the penis takes quite a long time, even if the manufacturer claims a bigger dick in 3 weeks, to grow a little grass snake to an anaconda in such a short time will be unlikely, and will require a few months at least, for admirable gains at least. It is possible you can grow your trouser snake a whopping 2 or 3 inches if you stick to using these methods for several months.

So there really is no best method, because they should all work to some extent. The choice is down to you and your preference.

Use this table as a guide to finding a right solution

Which Products To Use
I Want ToSolution
Increase My Penis SizePills & Exercises
Pills & Pump
Pills & Penis Extender
Creams & Exercises
Creams & Pump
Have Harder and Longer Lasting ErectionsPills
Topical Oils, Creams, Gels
Help With Getting An ErectionPenis Pump
Topical Oils, Creams, Gels
Last Longer in Bed, Increase Stamina and Improve Sexual PerformancePills & Exercises
Pills & Topical Oils, Creams, Gels
Topical Oils, Creams, Gels, & Exercises
Straighten A Curved PenisPenis Extender
Increase My Libido and Sex DrivePills
Herbal Tonics
Increase My Ejaculation Load and Have Intenser OrgasmsVolume Pills

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