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which is better penis pills or penis extenders?

Enlargement of the penis without surgery can be cheaper and safer, but usually takes longer. The two most popular methods used that you might have also considered are penis enlargement pills or penis extenders. The penis extender has the added benefitto correct a curved penis, a symptom known as Peyronies disease, which pills cannot do. If you want a larger penis without having surgery some say there is no other option other than an penis extender. The penis extender uses traction force to gently straighten your curved penis if you have one. This symptom can be a problem for men as it leads to uncomfortable sex. In addition, girls prefer straight penises. The extender is a pure enlargement device, designed specifically with the aim of lengthening a penis. It gently stretches the penis out causing new tissue cells to form, a process known as cell division, that aids new tissue growth. But using an extender alone will not really help enhance your sex drive, unlike pills, which can also improve libido; this is the added benefit that pills can give that an extender cannot. Pills can also help you achieve bigger ejaculation volumes, and so leads to better orgasms, something extenders cannot do. Because erection firmness and performance depends entirely on a robust blood flow to the penis, the pills will help with your erections, while the extender may not because the extender does not enhance blood flow like pills, all it does is stretch the penis. So overall, the extender works the penis muscles leading to faster permenent growth, but does not really help develop blood flow as much as pills can, so pills have added benefits that the extender hasn't got like firmer erections and bigger ejaculation volumes. That said, if you're not too worried about the performance size, and just want a bigger penis, then an extender will probably be a better choice for enlargement over pills.

The original penis extender was designed by urologists to aid in straightening a curved penis, a medical symptom known as Peyronies Disease, when severe can cause sex to be painful, yet hopefully your penis is not that bent! The traction methodology has been used to straighten out or modify curvature or shape of body parts, thus the penis extender was specially designed in a way to fit around the penis and apply traction. If it is slightly curved but not really serious, it can still make sex uncomfortable and maybe painful and so men with curved (banana shaped) penises would prefer to have a straighter penis. Even women prefer sex with straight penises. Using an extender will help you straighten it out. Women also unanimously agree sex feels better with a straight penis. For treatment of curved penis the penis extender is your only option as opposed to just taking pills. As the extender stretches lengthwise too, you will see slow and gradual improvement in your penis length too.

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