are there health risks taking penis pills?

If you're taking penis pills you should know they're non-prescription herbs and do not require a prescription, they are generally low risk, which means most penis pills are safe, no prescription is required and no serious health risks have been reported or should be considered a threat. This does not mean it cannot cause aggravating symptoms on some people. Certain herbs should be treated with precaution if the user has diabetes or taking medication for diabetes, or have a heart disorder, but this is the same with any type of supplement, as some ingredients can potentially cause aggravating symptoms, otherwise supplements are generally safe and risk-free for any healthy person.

Some herbs can lower blood sugar levels slightly, some can alter blood pressure slightly, so this is why they should be taken with caution for diabetics or people with weak heart disorders. The amount of herbs contained in most pills in the recommended dose will be too low to have any aggravating effects, so you should stick to the recommended dosage only. Minor overdoses aren't likely to have any serious side effects either. If you know how the ingredients might affect you always check the label ingredients before purchasing. Some supplements should not be taken if you're taking other medications as they might not mix well. A risky ingredients you should avoid however is called Yohimbe Bark, if you're sensitive, which although works very well for erectile dysfunction and is included in some pills, is known to cause certain undesirable side effects in some people when taking in large doses. Another risky ingredient some people don't agree with is called Kava Kava. Both Yohimbe Bark and Kava Kava are classified as “restricted herbs” that should only be prescribed by a medically qualified person in some countries. They should be okay however in the proper dosages. Each pill will have different ingredients, and some contain Yohimbe being popular for erectile symptoms, so remember to check the ingredients label.

If you're worried about whether a male enhancement supplement may not contain genuine or effective ingredients, you should consider VIGRX PLUS. These supplements are a well known brand you can trust containing genuine and effective ingredients. Their formula concocted from a variety of herbs that are known to enhance male virility, fertility, and sexual performance. They are totally transparent with their ingredients and have been trading for over 12 years with millions of satisfied customers!

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