How To Jelq

Jelqing is a word of Arabic origin, and is a term that refers to an exercise involving the penis with the intention of making it bigger. This exercise however, is very easy to apply, as anyone with a penis can do it, and you don't need any specialized instrument either. In fact, jelqing is the cheapest way to enlarge your penis because it is practically free! All you need to buy is some lube to grease your cock to reduce friction while you jelq and to make the jelqs easier to apply. In fact, if you're dirt cheap, and don't want to buy any lube, then just grab some oil from your kitchen cabinet!


Jelqing may also be called by others as a milking exercise, but both are practically the same. The term milking may be more fitting a description because the action of jelqing has a milking effect. Like milking a goat, where you tug somewhat forcefully but at the same time gently in one direction, and having to get the proper rythmn and speed to expel the milk properly. Jelqing or milking then in essence is like having a wank, but tugging with your hands only in one direction and not in bidirectional strokes. The difference is that the object of wanking is to achieve orgasm followed through with an ejaculation. When jelqing the aim is not to ejaculate, and the strokes do not overlap the head or glans of the penis which are the most sensitive parts and may cause ejaculation when stimulated. The milking term describes the eventual emission of precum during jelqing but no ejaculation.

Enlarging your penis by jelqing requires you to do it every day, or at least 3 times a week, and may take a few weeks before your penis becomes noticeably bigger. It is possible to make your penis an inch longer after 2 or 3 months of proper jelqing. Doing it longer can increase the penis size even more! Doing it for short spells and then taking long breaks will not produce the results required.

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When jelking you will need some lubrication. Olive oil can do the job or any other oil, but a good penis oil will be even more effective for your penis enlargement goal. If you want the added benefit of powerful erection stimulating herbs to help enhance that erection and circulatory flow to the penis, then you can jelk whilst using some topical male enhancement oil like Vigrx Oil for example.

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