Are Herbal Male Enhancement Pills Same As Viagra?

Prescription drugs for erectile dysfunction, common ones like Viagra and Cialis, can claim to be powerful drugs. They are approved and regulated by the FDA and manufactured by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. The drugs have been designed to alter your physiological functions that is why they are drugs, and in majority of cases will unfailingly have an effect on most people who take them, although it should be noted a small minority report not feeling any effect after taking these drugs.

These are controlled drugs and should only be doctor prescribed. Not obtaining these drugs from a medical professional could prove to be fake and either ineffective or even dangerous! Unlike natural herbal male enhancement supplements which do not require prescription and can be bought without any pre-assessment, these supplements use ingredients classified as foodstuff. To ensure you get the genuine stuff if buying viagra or cialis, only buy from an approved medical licensor. Sometimes you can buy Viagra or Cialis without a doctor assessment, it will probably not be worth it, as they may be fake and not work, or might even contain dangerous ingredients.

Natural herbs for erections however, used in herbal male enhancement pills are generally safe in the recommended dosages. An overdose in any one of the various ingredients has the potential to cause some aggravating symptoms but nothing serious. In the case of extreme overdose or deliberate overconsumption, some herbs used in the pills will have the capacity to cause aggravating symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, sweating, dry mouth, nausea, upset stomach or dizziness as side-effects. A considerably large enough dose of certain herbs can cause these types of symptoms, but most supplements will not contain the ingredients in high enough amounts to cause these side effects, unless of course a large dose is taken deliberately. The manufacturers of herbal male enhancement supplements will adjust the recommended dosage so just follow the recommended dosage and you should be alright. Remember that viagra too has side-effects even more so, including blurred vision also known as the blue vision, dry mouth, nausea, headaches, dizziness, and muscular aches.

Some herbs are very good at mimicking a viagra-like effect because they naturally inhibit PDE5 which is a naturally produced chemical released by the body during erections that slows down the breakdown of nitric oxide which is another chemical released by the body during erection. For example, horny goad weed is one such herb displaying this viagra-like characteristic, and is an ingredient found in some herbal male enhancement supplements, for example VIGRX PLUS. Some herbs used in the supplements aid in synthesis of nitric oxide which is vital to keep the penis hard during erectile state. These natural substances of nature which have this viagra-like effect can be as powerful than a synthetically manufacturered drug like viagra, but can nevertheless work wonders and have a positive impact on your sex life and quality of your erection.

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