How Long Will It Take To Grow A Bigger Penis Fast?

Starting a natural penis enlargement growth program will not be easily achieved. Wouldn't it be great if you could just take some pills and hey presto in 2 weeks your penis is 2 inches bigger. Unfortunately that is not possible. If you take some good quality penis enlargement pills like Vigrx Plus for at least 3 months you can grow a big penis fast without surgery. It has to be at least 3 months, 6 or 12 would be better. Taking it for just 1 month is unlikely to overall impact your size meaningfully. Your penis will feel bigger (fatter) both flaccid and erect while taking these pills. These penis pills contain ingredients which causes expansion of blood vessels to improve blood flow into the penis, making it fatter and bigger because more blood is flowing into the penis. It could take at least a couple months before permanent growth is achieved. This is how long it takes - months not weeks, that is simply a fact you have to live with, unless that is, you want penis enlargement surgery. Without surgery penises just do not grow 3 inches in 3 weeks! A 6-12 month supply of VIGRX PLUS and your penis will feel fatter and fuller. Stopping taking the pills causes penises to shrink back to their “normal” size, because less blood flowing into penis makes tissue less elastic and poor blood flow ultimately causes a shrivelled penis. When you increase blood flow to penis the penis becomes fatter and bigger. The shrivelling is caused by lack of blood flow into the penis, so by increasing the blood flow, the opposite happens and fattens up your penis.

There are of course other ways to grow a bigger penis without surgery, but these are not as easy as just taking some pills, and some are kind of bothersome. Methods like hanging weights or wearing penis extenders, even going through with a daily jelqing routine every day, are just too bothersome for most people. Some men practice hanging weights but it is quite unpopular for obvious reasons. Pills can make you feel bigger and also expand your erections larger as more blood flows into the penis. The pills contain natural vasodilators which expand blood vessels to the max, allowing more blood to flow into the penis.

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The results can vary between men ranging from anywhere between 1½-3 inch depending on how long you take the pills for. The more you want to add, the more difficult it is and the longer it will take. Most men however are satisfied after adding just an inch which looks at lot more than it sounds. You can take pills or jelq daily for 6 months and see the amazing results. To engorge the penis with a hardy supply of blood brings about bigger and fatter erections. Doing a combination of both pills and jelqing is said to be the best method if you want to grow a bigger penis fast without surgery.

Non-surgical penis enlargement does not happen overnight or even in a few weeks, but will take a few months at least. If you're in a rush and got the cash to throw away, then go to the surgeon at your own peril. The simple truth you may not want to hear is: there is no miracle formula to grow a bigger penis fast.

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