Can I Take Male Enhancement Pills While On Medication?

Most herbal male enhancement pills should be safe but you can never be sure. There have been reports of seizures of dodgy pills because they have posed risks to unsuspecting users. As long as you can be sure that the ingredients are accurately declared on the label in the stated doses and knowing how the ingredients might affect you, you should be ok. Unless you know you have some kind of allergic reaction to an ingredient there is not much risk taking the pills. The ingredients used in herbal male enhancement pills are a mixture of natural herbs, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and other filler ingredients, which are safe, natural, and time-tested. Some of the herbs however, can be quite potent, and could potentially cause aggravating symptoms if large doses are taken, but the recommeded doses will be predetermined by manufacturer not large enough to cause these aggravating effects, unless of course you purposely take more than the recommended dosage.

The dodgy male enhancement pills that have been seized by enforcement is because they were found to contain undeclared ingredients, meaning that their contents were not properly declared, and hidden from the user. Most of these instances were supposedly herbal pills laced with controlled drugs like Viagra or other Viagra-like substances. Most dodgy pills contain pharmacological drugs that can cause effects like viagra. While hidden and not declared on the label, this is the only danger posed because these drugs will not mix well with other medications the user might be taking, so the user needs to know what he is taking. For example, prescription-only drugs like Viagra and Cialis should not be mixed with heart prescription medication or diabetes medication. This is because of the vasodilating effect of these drugs. This means that Viagra and Cialis can reduce blood pressure, caused by expanding blood vessels to aid blood flow. As certain medications for heart or diabetes contain nitrites which also reduce blood pressure, mixing with viagra can cause blood pressure to fall too low thereby causing a danger. That is why viagra must be declared on the label so user knows what he is taking.

Some dodgy pills originating from China were found to contain diabetic drugs, and other prescription-only medication, which weren't declared on the label. These instances are generally quite rare, most originate from China, and are quickly withdrawn from the market once discovered. Without being declared on the ingredients label, these fake male enhancement pills pose a high risk to certain groups of people taking medications that contain nitrites, because they don't mix well. If they were to take the pills unknowingly as to their true contents it may interact with current medications they are taking. To be sure, if you take doctor-prescribed medications especially for any heart condition, blood pressure, or diabetes, or any medications that contain nitrites, it would probably be best to avoid herbal male enhancement pills if you can't be sure they aren't laced with viagra-like ingredients. By mixing viagra with nitrite-containing medications, your blood pressure can drop to dangerous levels. This is why these pills laced with undeclared Viagra and Cialis have to be taken off the market for public safety. Other medications that might not mix well include anti-coagulants, anti-depressants, blood thinning medications like warfarin may not mix well either.

So are herbal male enhancement supplements safe? It seems the only people at risk from taking these supplements are those taking them while at the same time taking other prescription medications. If you take any other prescription medications, then unknowingly taking some pills containing other dodgy prescription medications might cause bad interactions.

Other than if you have a rare allergic reaction to one of the herbs, herbal male enhancement supplements should be safe. Some dodgy pill manufacturers have been known to create fake or copied products of other popular pills, so to be sure you're getting a genuine product, you should only buy from the original manufacturer's website.

If you're concerned about dodgy pills then you can trust the VigRX Brand. These pills are very popular, well known and trusted for over 10 years. You can buy VigRX Plus™ from the genuine manufacture's website.

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