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Recent Questions Asked

Asked By: Danny ray cooper
Question: “I danny ray cooper want to buy and order porn star enlargement pills this Tuesday morning to pay for them I need the pills to get larger and big”
Answer:  Well Danny, your question is totally nonsensical. Learn to ask a proper question first. You have to pay first before receiving the pills. If you want pills to enlarge your penis, then click through one of the links on this here site. We do not sell pills. Our site is a review site where we help you make an informed decision about the best pills you can buy. And back to your nonsensical question "to pay for them I need the pills to get larger" - yes you will need to pay first before you are sent the product. I suggest you try some Vig Rx Plus to beef up your apparently small willy winky - Vigrx Pills For You

Asked By: bryan dukes
Question: “I am a diabetic for 10 years with No erection. Will this cream create an erection ?”
Answer:  To Bryan Dukes. Diabetes is a known cause of erectile dysfunction, and I'm sorry to hear about the problem you have. As your erection difficulties are linked to an actual physiological cause, most likely damaged arteries reducing blood flow to the penis caused by your diabetes, you might need proper medical assistance to help you out. Unfortunately, viagra cannot be prescribed to or taken by people who have diabetes, so it is unlikely your doctor will prescribe you this drug. As viagra is one of only a couple officially recognised and endorsed medications for erectile dysfunction it is unfortunate that you can't take it. Just for reference, viagra expands blood vessels allowing for increased blood flow, but at the same time in doing so will reduce your blood pressure. As diabetes medications also reduce blood pressure is the reason why diabetics aren't recommended viagra because taking it will reduce blood pressure too much. All I can say is that you can try out something like Instant Performer and see if it helps. The cream is not a medicine so requires no prescription, but at the same time will probably be less effective especially since the root cause of your problem is inherently physiological you might need proper medication. The cream will probably be your better option than pills, because some pills also are not recommended for diabetics, even all natural herbal male enhancement pills may not mix well with diabetes medicine.

Asked By: navil
Question: “hi matey....just after honest opinions and recommendations to gain extra inches in both length and girth...im 5 inches uncircumcised and obviously want more PERMANENTLY....Iv been looking at bathmate xtreme x30 hydro penis pump in conjunction with vigrx plus pills(6month supply)... Will I gain length and girth permanently? And if so how much avenge cam I expect...and I have never done any penis exercises and or nor have I used devices...also with what I\'m looking at am i on the right track and if not what do you recommend and or what can I add to what I'm looking at for permanent gains”
Answer:  To Navil. 5 inches is kinda small. It's usually guys with penises of your size that seek enlargement, so I don't blame you. I cannot say with certainty how much bigger you'll be, but you'll be bigger. Maybe after 3 months, I would expect your penis will become at least 5.5 inches long maybe even 6, and a lot fatter! Remember it takes quite a long time enlarging a penis naturally (without surgery), so just stick with it for the whole time and you'll see results! Good Luck! A 6 months supply of Vigrx Plus is quite a lot of money but much cheaper than surgery. I would suggest you buy the pump as well and use that with the pills and see what results you get. You might be happy with the result and won't need to spend any more money.

Asked By: dk garg
Question: “Which Method Is Best To Enlarge Your Penis? How Long Does It Take To Enlarge Your Penis?”
Answer:  A penis extender is by far probably the most effective way to grow a larger prick permanently. Try a Penis Extender for 6 months for example the Pro Extender is a good choice. Just be aware that it takes a few months of wearing the extender so just be more patient. Natural enlargement doesn't happen overnight!

Asked By: dipanjan ray
Question: “i want to buy product plz contact me”
Answer:  Please go to the order page of the product you want to buy

Asked By: henry g
Question: “I am 67 years old is it safe to use it?. Do you ship international? Pls send contact phone.”
Answer:  67 is ok to use as long as you don't have health problems. A lot of old people your age might have health problems like arterial hypertension, high blood pressure, a failing heart, if you do then don't use viagra or any similar products. It's unfortunate because at your age erectile dysfunction is so common.

Asked By: Bashir B
Question: “i will like to know if i can get or order this product to Nigeria, what will be the cost and the mode of delivery please”
Answer:  Most products don't ship to Nigeria because of the high levels of fraud from that country, and because the postal system in that country basically sucks. You will have to check for yourself on the postage terms.

Asked By: Imam Malik
Question: “Do you have distributor of your products (penis pills and penis creams in Pakistan? If so, please send me their addresses and telephone numbers. Thanks and regards.”
Answer:  Most of the products you find on this site are only available to purchase online. And if they were sold on the high street, Pakistan would be one of the last places it would be sold, for obvious reasons...

Asked By: Jeano
Question: “What can i use to make me a littil bigger”
Answer:  I would suggest you start jelqing with the help of some Instant Performer for several months, or use an extender for 6 months. After doing this your dick will grow by an inch or more at least. Also learn how to spell Little properly it's probably a word you use often!

Asked By: kaqauan king brice
Question: “Yes im 18 years old and im 6`4 275lb. But my cock is small. Im looking to make my cock 9-10inc. and thickness middle of the baseball bat. I have made up my mind i want it done by sugrey. how much wuold it cost”
Answer:  To Kaqauan, you are only 18 years old so your penis is still growing. Because of your age I would advise against having surgery, and I hope you are aware that there are risks involved with surgery, not to mention it will cost you several thousand dollars! I understand that at your height and size you will probably want a penis to look proportional to your size, as a small cock like yours will look and feel even smaller given your height and size. I would suggest you start jelqing exercises with the help of some vigr x oil dick cream. Or you could try using a penis extender like the Pro Extender, which you can buy for less than two hundred dollars.

Asked By: M.singh
Question: “I need to buy a penis jumbo cream can u tell me our contact some mail like that i wait our answere thanks ....”
Answer:  I recommend Instant Performer, this dick oil and lubrication cream you massage into your pennis just before fornication, and it makes your penis big and hard. This cream/lube also contains volufiline, so if you use it for long enough, after several applications your penis will become thicker. Read the Instant Performer review, and follow the links through to order.

Asked By: Brian Gravely
Question: “I ordered on line last night a one month supply to try, recieved no on line notification of my order, please check and let me know that you rec it and shipping imfo. I chose postal service over DHL as shipping to me. Thank you, Brian”
Answer:  Please can I remind you that all online transactions and subsequent orders are dealt with by the merchant on an external site. If you have a specific query regarding a payment or order you made, please go to the merchant's website and find their contact form, it is not the responsibility of this site as we neither manufacturer or sell this product, we only act as a marketing agent and referrer.

Asked By: KISH
Question: “hello this is kish from india is it real in enlarging the penies how much cost is it (in indian currency) is there any side effects by using this my age is 19 and my c... capacity is 4.5cm when it raises please send me a detailed result about that please send me sir... i will use the tablets and oil and send me about that how i want to use ?”
Answer:  Yes it is real. Using the right products and techniques for several months, you can stretch the elastic fibrous tissues of the penis so it can accomodate larger volumes of blood. All the costs are usually defaulted in $USD, and transactions will be converted based on the exchange rate with the local currency, in your case, you will need to know the current exchange rate for $USD/RS Indian Rupee. As of Today (Feb 2012) $1 USD = RS 49 Indian Rupees, so a 3 month supply of Vimax will cost about RS 9200. After 3 months using Vimax, and doing jelqing, or using a pump, you can grow your dick size by at least ½ - 1 inch. Don't forget at nineteen you might not be classified as fully grown, but you will keep on growing way into your twenties. You could also try a Bathmate Penis pump.

Asked By: David Alkhal
Question: “I'm interested in purchasing Maleextran, Instant Performer,Vigrx Oil and The Size Genetics Device but I'd like to know the cost and if the products can be shipped to Trinidad.”
Answer:  These products ships to most countries worldwide, except certain restrticted countries include North Korea, and some countries in Africa like Nigeria, or Libya. I would think Trinidad is Okay as long as you have an operating postal service in your area. The costs will be in USD, and the payment page will convert your Trinidan dollars into USD dollars.

Asked By: asjad
Question: “i am 26yrs old and I want to make 15 inches long, to my penis and also weighth like that but only for few time,at least 3 hour,after then penis come down to their destination ,have you any invented product as oil ,cream ,spray,ointment etc.by which we can grow measurement fastly while using above oil,cream... thanks”
Answer:  I would recommend against trying to grow to 15 inches long as this is too big for most women. Even if your prick is 8 inches now, it will be nearly impossible to grow to 15 inches, it is big enough already! Stretching penis muscles can grow your penis a few inches, but you can't double its size like that. Besides, only horses have dicks as long as 15 inches.

Asked By: Tirthanath Singha
Question: “send me a malextra”
Answer:  You can pay for Maleextra on the order page.

Asked By: Yendo Young
Question: “Hi, How can I order if I don have a credit card?I there another way to pay for Maleextra??????????”
Answer:  Currently you can only purchase Maleextra with a credit or debit card online or by phone by going to the order page.

Asked By: Alex Chavez
Question: “I would like to know how much is for 1 bottle. And a number where i could call.”
Answer:  One standard packet or 1 Month Supply is about $59.95 USD but will fluctuate based on currency exchange rates and the country you live in. This is a rough price. You can order online by going to the order page, and you can order by phone.

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