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buy vigrx delay spray to last longer

Vigrx Delay Spray™ is a premature ejaculation product from the creators of the popular Vigrx Plus™ male enhancement pills. You have probably heard of Vigrx Plus™ as it is one of the most well known and popular male enhancement pills. You may also know that they created an erection oil too, called Vigrx Oil, to stimulate an erection making them harder, bigger and longer lasting. This recent innovation in the form of a spray designed to help men who have sensitive penises last longer...much longer!

Having a too sensitive penis is the same as suffering from premature ejaculation. Vigrx Delay Spray was designed for men with sensitive penis to last longer and get more out of sex! However, anyone can use it, to help them last longer. All penises are sensitive, but for some who are ultra-sensitive, it can ruin any chance of meaningful sex via sex if he prematurely ejaculates too often. Premature ejaculation is a downer not just for the man but woman too. With Vigrx Delay Spray, it will give you extra confidence and satisfaction in your sexual performance.

The Creators of Premature Ejaculation Vigrx Delay Spray™ claim that using their product will enable you to:

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buy vigrx delay spray

What's the Secret Ingredient?

There is no secret ingredient. Premature Ejaculation Delay Sprays have been used for many years. Some use Lidocaine, or any other similar anesthetic type substance that dulls or numbs the nerves and sensations. This particular product contains benzocaine a similar anesthetic but all from the same family of substances.

Premature Ejaculation

If you consider yourself a premature ejaculator, or simply just want to last longer, then this could be the product you've been looking for. The truth is there are not really any medications available to treat premature ejaculation. Some people might be prescribed SSRIs which are used to treat mania and depression! These were not designed for premature ejaculation but the side effects of these medications seemed to help men with premature ejaculation. Just go to your doctor and ask him he'll say the same thing. Although recently drugs that mimic SSRIs have been available to be used to treat Premature ejaculation. Among the methods used to last longer, delay sprays are just one way to help you do this, other methods men try to help them last longer include exercises like Stop & Start exercises, masturbating prior to vaginal intercourse, or using 2 condoms to reduce sensitivity! The origin of the symptom is difficult to pin down because the cause could be a mixture of either physiological symptoms or psychological ones too. And as it can be caused by psychological issues too, some men even seek help in the form of counselling with a sex therapist. Things like performance anxiety can worsen the problem. Others suggest that it is an inbuilt evolutionary process as the quicker you can impregnate the better the chances of doing so.

“Thanks Guys with the help of your product a few sprays onto my penis and I was pumping her for a full 15 minutes...!”

Vigrx have innovated to bring you this product to help men like you last longer. You may be surprised that in fact millions of men suffer from premature ejaculation, yes, millions, it is common the world over. It is one of the most common frustrations among men. Nearly all men wish they could last longer, it's a fact, and now you can last longer in just a few sprays, by using Vigrx Delay Spray! It's quick, easy, and convenient.

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Apply Vigrx Delay Spray as needed 10 minutes before penetration. It has fewer side-effects than pills, and can be washed off with water to dilute the effects. Special absorption technology also prevents transference of the active substance to the vagina, so no numbness will pass to your partner.

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