Do Porn Stars Use Supplements Or Pills?

To perform like a porn star you need size, stamina and endurance. If you want to make her wail out in ecstatic orgasm you need size and stamina. The porn movies will leave you feeling like an under-sized under-performer. Their stamina however, can be attributed to them taking male enhancement products that boost their performance and size. Without these they are normal too and they will just not be able to last as long and hard as you see. Without enhancement products, whether viagra, supplements, or pills, porn stars will perform “normally”. If you want to be porn star you need to take products like VIGRX PLUS in order to do this.

Most think size is most important for women satisfaction as women are generally never satisfied with small cocks. But just as important is stamina - the ability to stay hard for long. Having the stamina is probably more important to be a porn star. After all, what use is a massive cock if it can't stay hard for long? Performance is more important than size. If you want to perform like a porn star then you need to take the products the porn stars like to use.

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